Thursday, 6 March 2014

Post número uno of today...

Can't believe I'm posting on average maybe twice a year - but today, two posts! To be fair, I've had a fairly busy time since the last post I wrote. 

I have had a baby - Caleigh - who rocks my world. She is now 7 months old!!
And I've been.... Well... Doing not much else other than being a mummy! How cool is that?!

But then came Christmas. And, as a family, we had decided to do upcycled, charity shop or homemade gifts. Which Dan loved because it meant I would be doing them all while he got to spend time with Caleigh. 

So the sewn goodies were pyjama bottoms for everybody! Dan got pockets, step dad got elastic ages waist, brother got leg extensions when I cut them too short, sister got an 'alternate' drawstring when I cocked that up. And Caleigh got an upcycled cardy turned into a romper! I also made a mini pair for a friend's baby!

The other bits I did were cookie mix jars for friends and other family members, and also some painted canvas bags and scarves as extra bits. I loved painting these bits - so therapeutic using a paintbrush again!
Printing a scarf -


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