Saturday, 9 June 2012

New bits for the shop...

So, I've been on a bit of a making spree during these half term holidays! I was told people at the shop were asking for purses and smaller bags. And what with another, second, shop opening on Monday, I got busy....


Bags - all reversible, various handle styles and sizes but all basically a small book bag / shoulder bag! 

(That all need ironing before I take them to the shop!!)




All together now!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Alas.... failure!

I don't normally post unless I'm proud of something and have a sense of achievement about what I've sewn.........

Today is not such an occasion! I'm posting due to the hilarity of it all! The waste of 1.5 hours or a project I was really looking forward to. The wreckage made of one of Dan's nice shirts - oops! (He did know I had 'borrowed' it!). The unflattering, badly sewn, mis-measured, untested effort that was accomplished today shall herein be known as...... the failure!

Here it is (please excuse the hair, glasses, PJ bottoms - this little number did not warrant a shower or getting dressed into an 'outfit' really!)......

So, the empire line is too high and it will certainly be too short with a full bump.....

But does that really make it a failure? I guess not....


But this surely does..............

Think the sleeves were a little tight plus I may have made it a little snug around the back! 

Please feel free to snigger, comment, laugh out loud or text me your condolences/sarcastic congratulations/witty remarks about this effort - I deserve them all!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Maternity trousers - first trousers ever!!

Well I guess they're slightly easier than usual trousers due to there being no zip closure etc.... But I still manage to make my usual pigs-ear of at least 1 process in the making of these trousers!

So, they're based on a Burda Maternity pattern: 

I was at Trago Mills in Newton Abbot today and saw some stretchy cotton sateen fabric (to use on reverse side as don't like shiny!) that I thought would be suitable for these. Bought some extra jersey for the band too.

Took forever to print out and piece together the pattern, but not too long to cut out the pieces - having worked out the direction of the stretch! 

The actual sewing took hardly any time and before long I had the main body of the trousers and they fit! So far so good! 

You'd think the band would be easy but me being me managed to cock up quite a few times, unpicking many a seam before finally working it out. Even once I'd worked out what their incredibly scant instructions meant, I still made silly mistakes and ended up unpicking seams again! Doh!

Anyway, finally got there. Total sewing time, approx 45 minutes. Total making time, approx 2.5 hours. Total including making pattern and cutting, approx 4 hours!! Crazy! Could whip up another pair now in no time I'm sure! And may even do so, maybe making a flared pair. 

Hopefully can't see a 'camel's toe' here but the threat is there with stretchy material plus curvy girl! Oh dear!!

S'cuse the look on my face! Was concerned about the zooming going on!

Should look quite nice with heals or sandals anyway!

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