Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Maternity trousers - first trousers ever!!

Well I guess they're slightly easier than usual trousers due to there being no zip closure etc.... But I still manage to make my usual pigs-ear of at least 1 process in the making of these trousers!

So, they're based on a Burda Maternity pattern: 

I was at Trago Mills in Newton Abbot today and saw some stretchy cotton sateen fabric (to use on reverse side as don't like shiny!) that I thought would be suitable for these. Bought some extra jersey for the band too.

Took forever to print out and piece together the pattern, but not too long to cut out the pieces - having worked out the direction of the stretch! 

The actual sewing took hardly any time and before long I had the main body of the trousers and they fit! So far so good! 

You'd think the band would be easy but me being me managed to cock up quite a few times, unpicking many a seam before finally working it out. Even once I'd worked out what their incredibly scant instructions meant, I still made silly mistakes and ended up unpicking seams again! Doh!

Anyway, finally got there. Total sewing time, approx 45 minutes. Total making time, approx 2.5 hours. Total including making pattern and cutting, approx 4 hours!! Crazy! Could whip up another pair now in no time I'm sure! And may even do so, maybe making a flared pair. 

Hopefully can't see a 'camel's toe' here but the threat is there with stretchy material plus curvy girl! Oh dear!!

S'cuse the look on my face! Was concerned about the zooming going on!

Should look quite nice with heals or sandals anyway!


  1. Spelling error ... *heels* not heals!!

  2. I'm making those at my sewing class at the moment. We were wondering about the waistband: it's absolutely massive! And it doesn't even match at the sides. I thought I'd messed up when i cut the pattern but it looks like a mistake from burda if you had to adjust yours too. Well done on the trousers, they look great!


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