Saturday, 18 February 2012

Some more little foldable bags and a simple clutch...

So I needed a 'theme' colour of blues and greens for the shop so have made some more foldable bags in the appropriate colours. Here there are, looking good (hopefully!!)

Plus I made a little clutch from another acceptable fabric - it's the Caroline clutch from I think Sew - free pattern available here!

Lovely apron.... almost!

I made another apron for the shop - all went beautifully, even in these pictures nothing is wrong!

But when I ironed it for the final time I found a mark. So I tried to remove it. And tried and tried and it wouldn't budge. So by the time I had fussed around, there was a faded mark. So it was rejected but I'm hoping someone at work will buy it off me!

You can't see the detail on the pockets and hem, but it's decorative leaf stitching in red thread. Looks really cool. And the pocket pattern is little hearts. 

What a shame it's slightly ruined!

Pyramid purse - quick and easy!

I love this little pyramid purse and will be making more of these little cuties soon!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

How cool is this bag?!

New Leaf Folding ToteThis is the Heather Bailey New Leaf tote - I made it from Ikea fabric (cotton duck) and a couple of other scraps I had around (dotty for the contrast band and turquoise for the lining). 

It is SOOOO cool! It's really roomy and has a pocket on the front for when it's unfolded. 

Might have to make one for myself!

Front of the bag with large exterior pocket:

Reverse of the bag - fold from this side

Fold in the base and then the sides -

Fold up the bottom of the bag, leaving the flap of the pocket - 

Fold the top down to meet the edge - 

Nearly there! Fold the top right down and tuck in the handles -

And there it is, all cute and folded up!
Apparently, you make 3 or 4 of them and then there's a 'sash' pattern to join them all together. This one alone took about 3 hours so not sure I'm up for that!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Been a busy little bee the last 2 days!

Check out all I've made in the last couple of days - I am LOVING having some time to do loads of sewing!

Yesterday's successes:

Little bow pouch bag - 
forgot to photo the lining - it's cute too!

Little tea-towel purses - 10 mins to make each!

Knot bag

Dotty lining

Today's efforts: 
Extendable tote - format 1

Extendable tote - format 2 - it's HUGE!

Book bag with pockets

Inside of book bag

Cute little wooden button heart

Am really pleased with everything so far - just wish I could make things a little quicker than I currently do!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Pretty apron for a pretty lady...

I made this apron for my brother's girlfriend for Christmas and finally remembered to ask for some photos of it! I was really chuffed with the result and even more so when they thought it was shop bought!!

It features Ikea fabric for the main body, a little tea-towel loop, decorative stitching on the pocket, giant ric-rac and it's fully lined. So here are some photos of my first apron - more to come! 

Reverse lining:


Slightly messed up the button hole as it was so many layers to go through, but hardly noticeable!

The pocket: 

Cute little nightmare purse.......

I bought a few purse frames back before Christmas....... you saw my Christmas clutch post here hopefully!

So this is my second attempt. 'Nightmare' for the following reasons:

1. I started it as a Christmas present for a friend but it just got too fiddly. I think I made the seams too tight so it wouldn't stretch to fit the frame! Also, I never leave the glue for the required 5 minutes to go tacky so it goes everywhere!

2. I gave up and gave my friend a different present! Besides, the frame was now covered in glue and a right mess!

3. I decided that, as it is my friend's birthday today, I'd have another go at finishing it off! I had to cut off the old glue and re-hem the edges before re-attempting the glue process. I left the glue for the required 5 minutes and it was a lot easier.

4.  Managed to get the fabric into the frame and then spent about 20 minutes picking the messy glue off the frame and fabric from the last time I tried!

FINALLY got the finished product anyway - hopefully my friend will like it! 

Total time on this diddy purse - about 4 hours!!! Crazy!


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