Sunday, 12 February 2012

Cute little nightmare purse.......

I bought a few purse frames back before Christmas....... you saw my Christmas clutch post here hopefully!

So this is my second attempt. 'Nightmare' for the following reasons:

1. I started it as a Christmas present for a friend but it just got too fiddly. I think I made the seams too tight so it wouldn't stretch to fit the frame! Also, I never leave the glue for the required 5 minutes to go tacky so it goes everywhere!

2. I gave up and gave my friend a different present! Besides, the frame was now covered in glue and a right mess!

3. I decided that, as it is my friend's birthday today, I'd have another go at finishing it off! I had to cut off the old glue and re-hem the edges before re-attempting the glue process. I left the glue for the required 5 minutes and it was a lot easier.

4.  Managed to get the fabric into the frame and then spent about 20 minutes picking the messy glue off the frame and fabric from the last time I tried!

FINALLY got the finished product anyway - hopefully my friend will like it! 

Total time on this diddy purse - about 4 hours!!! Crazy!


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