Saturday, 10 December 2011

Made a dress today.........

I used a Prima pattern for a shift dress this weekend. Started it last night and took maybe an hour cutting and starting the darts etc... Then today I took another 3 or so hours to complete it. I used a grey/blue-ish fabric with little white flower clusters on, from Ikea. £5 or so a metre, so a bargain!

I attempted a blind hem, but don't really understand why it hasn't worked as it should have. I can see little black threads on the right side and I'm sure that shouldn't be the case. Knew I should have found an online tutorial before attempting it!

I love the neckline and in the end my sleeves ended up with little pleats which look very pretty indeed!

Here's the finished article anyway...........

 What an unattractive angle but it shows the pattern better!

I've kept the pattern for this one as I reckon it'll be lovely in other fabrics and it's dead easy!


  1. Well done, you've done a fab job. I've had my sewing machine for a couple of years and haven't mastered clothing. Think it'll be one of my aims next year though. Sounds to me like your blind hem is how it should be. Do you have a blind hem foot? They make it a lot easier

  2. That is gorgeous! Can I order one, please!! Love the fabric, and looks really comfortable. Brilliant. xxx

  3. 'Anonymous' is still Mum!!! xxx (And still a fan....)


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