Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Make it.... Or not!

I got a bit behind with my makes after we decided to extend Make it March into April and beyond! Easter stumped me. 

I had all the pieces cut to make little hanging decorations for my twigs. Too fiddly, so just never bothered!

Then we had nursery rhymes and butterflies. I don't really 'do' butterflies so wasn't bothered about that one. But I have some nice nursery rhyme-style fabric (I think!) that I've got a plan for. For the theme of 'sweeties' I just drew a blank. It wasn't going too well!

Plus, there's now the new monthly challenge, which is to revamp a piece of my own old clothing. Oh, well, I always have ideas for things like this but upcycling is a real struggle for me, I find. 

So while I'm pondering all that, I did a little project of my own, that I'd been meaning to do for ages. Re-upholster my footstool to match the chair. And finally, after painstakingly removing all the [very well inserted] staples (with my dad's old penknife!) and backing felt, I managed to remove the old cover, use it as a pattern, cut my fabric and start to reapply. And then I realised the staples weren't going in. The gun didn't seem to be working. So I left it a while and had a nice, long think. Ah, I could hammer the staples in. So I very noisily did that for about four staples before running out of them anyway! So then it was another good couple of weeks before Dan bought me some more staples!

And so finally, here we are today, and I've managed to finish it! Woohoo! 
It makes a perfect drum!
And, of course, matches the chair! 

Right, now onto the many, many other challenges! Oh dear...

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Week 4 challenge

Week 4 of Make it March and the theme was 'Mum'. Simple. Something for me or my mum! So I went with making something for my mum. It's not her main present - that's inside - so this doesn't spoil anything. Just teases her! 

The lining fabric is called 'Forget-me-not' which is poignant to mum and I, and our whole family really. Plus it's beautiful! 
A really easy tutorial to follow from Elm Street Life - Click here!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Week 3 challenge

So the theme for week 3 was '1985'. Tricky! But in 1985 I was 5 years old and very much into Rainbow Brite. She was one of the highest grossing toys that year too! As well as all that, I had already bought Caleigh a Rainbow Brite vest because she is our rainbow baby! 
So I knew I wanted to do Rainbow Brite - I searched for fabrics and patches and other RB paraphernalia. Then I found iron-on transfers. Perfect! But what to put them on? It was actually my sister who suggested making a bag - something Caleigh could take to nursery or swimming even. 

So, even though I was 2 days late completing them, thanks to a busy week and a teething baby, here they are -

When Caleigh has outgrown her RB vest, I'm going to appliqué the design onto the smallest bag. I'm quite pleased with them really. For now, they hang in her nursery as little storage bags! 
Next/this week's challenge is all about MUMS! A bit easier, but need to get my thinking hat on ASAP! 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Week 2 of March challenge!

Well I nearly had no project to post at all but got there in the end!

I knew I wanted to make an apron for a friend's daughter, from some owl oilcloth. I knew it wouldn't take too long once I'd cut out all the bits n bobs. What I didn't know was that Caleigh would fall and cut her lip and what I didn't remember was that I was going away for 5 days and would miss the challenge deadline! 

So there I was, crying because Caleigh was crying in pain but also wondering how I would ever get this apron made. In the end, I brought the pieces up to mum's and found a spare half hour on deadline day to get it finished. 

I did not take step by step photos but here is the final piece ~

Onwards and upwards to week 3 - and the theme this week is '1985' - make of that what we will I guess!! Any ideas?! 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Post número 2 for today!

I'm taking part in a March craft challenge which a friend on Facebook has organised. It's called 'Make It March'

Challenge one is:

I actually had loads of ideas, but I'm hoping to be able to use some of them in other challenges, so I won't share them yet!

I decided to make bibs from Caleigh's old sleepsuits. Easy and sensible! But then I came across a newborn Jasper Conran sleepsuit that Dan had bought her at the time. And inspiration struck! 
I had already removed one of the pockets for a Christmas project, so wasn't too worried about taking it to pieces. So I did! 
I tried it on Caleigh to see if it would fit over her head and arms...
It did!

So my grand plan could begin. I found some coordinating fabric and measured for a skirt - 1" longer than the length I wanted (more of a tunic length than a dress) and 4x the width of the front of the cut sleepsuit. 

Then I hemmed the bottom, joined the side seam to make a tube and finally gathered the raw edge until it was the same width as the sleepsuit. 

I put the skirt over the sleepsuit, raw edges and right side together and pinned - lots!! 

I used a stretch zigzag stitch to join the two, turned right way out and understitched the seam down towards the skirt. 

Then I used the cuffs of the old sleepsuit to make coordinating pockets. 
And hemmed the sleeves- very badly!

So I tried that part on my model, Caleigh:
It fits!

The last piece of useful sleepsuit was used to make a bandana bib:
The matching outfit:
And some more modelling -

So, project one done. Can't wait for next week's challenge! Bring it on! 

Post número uno of today...

Can't believe I'm posting on average maybe twice a year - but today, two posts! To be fair, I've had a fairly busy time since the last post I wrote. 

I have had a baby - Caleigh - who rocks my world. She is now 7 months old!!
And I've been.... Well... Doing not much else other than being a mummy! How cool is that?!

But then came Christmas. And, as a family, we had decided to do upcycled, charity shop or homemade gifts. Which Dan loved because it meant I would be doing them all while he got to spend time with Caleigh. 

So the sewn goodies were pyjama bottoms for everybody! Dan got pockets, step dad got elastic ages waist, brother got leg extensions when I cut them too short, sister got an 'alternate' drawstring when I cocked that up. And Caleigh got an upcycled cardy turned into a romper! I also made a mini pair for a friend's baby!

The other bits I did were cookie mix jars for friends and other family members, and also some painted canvas bags and scarves as extra bits. I loved painting these bits - so therapeutic using a paintbrush again!
Printing a scarf -

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