Thursday, 6 March 2014

Post número 2 for today!

I'm taking part in a March craft challenge which a friend on Facebook has organised. It's called 'Make It March'

Challenge one is:

I actually had loads of ideas, but I'm hoping to be able to use some of them in other challenges, so I won't share them yet!

I decided to make bibs from Caleigh's old sleepsuits. Easy and sensible! But then I came across a newborn Jasper Conran sleepsuit that Dan had bought her at the time. And inspiration struck! 
I had already removed one of the pockets for a Christmas project, so wasn't too worried about taking it to pieces. So I did! 
I tried it on Caleigh to see if it would fit over her head and arms...
It did!

So my grand plan could begin. I found some coordinating fabric and measured for a skirt - 1" longer than the length I wanted (more of a tunic length than a dress) and 4x the width of the front of the cut sleepsuit. 

Then I hemmed the bottom, joined the side seam to make a tube and finally gathered the raw edge until it was the same width as the sleepsuit. 

I put the skirt over the sleepsuit, raw edges and right side together and pinned - lots!! 

I used a stretch zigzag stitch to join the two, turned right way out and understitched the seam down towards the skirt. 

Then I used the cuffs of the old sleepsuit to make coordinating pockets. 
And hemmed the sleeves- very badly!

So I tried that part on my model, Caleigh:
It fits!

The last piece of useful sleepsuit was used to make a bandana bib:
The matching outfit:
And some more modelling -

So, project one done. Can't wait for next week's challenge! Bring it on! 

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