Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Week 2 of March challenge!

Well I nearly had no project to post at all but got there in the end!

I knew I wanted to make an apron for a friend's daughter, from some owl oilcloth. I knew it wouldn't take too long once I'd cut out all the bits n bobs. What I didn't know was that Caleigh would fall and cut her lip and what I didn't remember was that I was going away for 5 days and would miss the challenge deadline! 

So there I was, crying because Caleigh was crying in pain but also wondering how I would ever get this apron made. In the end, I brought the pieces up to mum's and found a spare half hour on deadline day to get it finished. 

I did not take step by step photos but here is the final piece ~

Onwards and upwards to week 3 - and the theme this week is '1985' - make of that what we will I guess!! Any ideas?! 

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