Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Week 3 challenge

So the theme for week 3 was '1985'. Tricky! But in 1985 I was 5 years old and very much into Rainbow Brite. She was one of the highest grossing toys that year too! As well as all that, I had already bought Caleigh a Rainbow Brite vest because she is our rainbow baby! 
So I knew I wanted to do Rainbow Brite - I searched for fabrics and patches and other RB paraphernalia. Then I found iron-on transfers. Perfect! But what to put them on? It was actually my sister who suggested making a bag - something Caleigh could take to nursery or swimming even. 

So, even though I was 2 days late completing them, thanks to a busy week and a teething baby, here they are -

When Caleigh has outgrown her RB vest, I'm going to appliqué the design onto the smallest bag. I'm quite pleased with them really. For now, they hang in her nursery as little storage bags! 
Next/this week's challenge is all about MUMS! A bit easier, but need to get my thinking hat on ASAP! 

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