Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Another t-shirt with a twist...

Whipped up another t-shirt today - only took an hour, including mess-ups! It is much clingier than my black flowery one so not sure how often it'll get worn. 

The fabric is one I bought on eBay, thinking the bows would be small- ermmmm, maybe not so small!!

Big bum!!

Friday, 24 August 2012

2 more girlie bags...

So in amongst breaking mum's sewing machine, panicking and then fixing mum's sewing machine and being very smug, I finally finished 2 more bags for girlies. 

Onto the boys' products next week!


It was this last, checked one that caused me all the problems as the material thickness ended up being quite thick! But yes! Finally got there in the end!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Made some girlie bags...

Made some little bags for girls today. They're quite small and have got pockets for crayons or pencils. I like the linen/flowery one but they're both cute!



Wednesday, 15 August 2012

'Quick' kimono t-shirt

Whipped up a top today from some stretch fabric I've had lying around for ages. Made from a free pattern here at MariaDenmark . It's turned out really nice actually!! 

Will definitely make another in a different fabric and see if I can do it in less than 90 minutes this time! Wore it straight away and am really pleased with it!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Beautiful dress to remember a beautiful girl...

I made this dress for me to wear to Isla's funeral. It was great fun to make and I really took my time and followed every single instruction to the letter - oh, except the zip, which I did the only way I know how! Oh, and the hem, which, I'm sorry, I'm not French seaming and hand sewing! I did, however, press every seam the right way and try it on frequently to check it was fitting!

I'm so proud of it! It's a Project Runway design (2588), where you have the basic dress shape (either slim or flared skirt) and then can choose a yoke or neckline and 'designer additions' - I chose the bow of course! Definitely going to be making another in a different style soon! 

It was a beautiful flowery fabric for Isla's funeral - nice and bright to match the meadow she is laid to rest in. 

What do you think?!

 Pockets too!

Seeing those photos makes we want to wear it today! I love it!! 

And when I do wear it, I can think of Isla and how beautiful she was too!
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