Sunday, 27 November 2011

First foray into clutch making for Christmas....

And it all ended in glue..........

Seriously, I cocked up by missing out one step and found myself cutting seams and re-aligning the whole thing whilst getting covered in super-strong fabric glue. But I think I've rescued it, on the whole! This is the spotty lining:

There's still some glue around the black fabric ruffle at the top but I seem to have made myself a kitsch little Christmas clutch - check out that fabric too!


Can't wait to wear this with a sleek little black number!


  1. Ha, ha, ha, LOVE it! What a fab thing to have'll have to take orders! Brilliant. x

  2. What a fun clutch!...I think anyone who sees it will have a big smile on their face :) very creative!

    BTW, I found you through Ta-da Tuesday Link party.

  3. Brilliant! Nice idea on making a bag like that it reminds me a recycle thing to make things useful.


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