Monday, 14 November 2011

Christmas present ideas - could one of these be for you?!!

Well, since arriving on Twitter yesterday (@sewcology) I have spent hours now browsing other folks' blogs and have gathered some more ideas - figured I may as well share them here for you lovely lot! Can't wait to get started on some of these.....hmmmm, when will I squeeze it in, I wonder?!!

I love this and people will defo be getting one of these if they're lucky! Cake in a jar!  Thanks The paper Mama

Satchel bag - maybe more for myself?!! Does cost money though!

Knot tote - love this too!

  Thanks Me Sew Crazy

Really cute cushion...
 Thanks In Between Laundry

These are just adorable!
  Thanks Mommy By Day

  Thanks U-Create

So where to start?!!

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