Monday, 16 April 2012

What are my next projects going to be?!

Well, there may be a bit of a theme to my upcoming projects - see if you can guess - answer at the bottom of the post!

Ultimate Diaper Bag Pattern Tutorial - Trendy and  Functional - Perfect for Moms and DadsUltimate Diaper Bag 

As seen before... 

Bandana Bib Tutorial maternity or not frock

Button up Babydoll Maternity top

 Maternity Jeans

big tee to maternity tee refashion

Maternity mini-skirtModest maternity mini skirt

125style_largeMaternity Pants - have bought this one already!

A baby in a swaddle blanketHow to make a swaddle blanket

The Deep Vee Nursing & Maternity Tunic

Maternity dress trousers by Ann of Sew Paradise

diy-maternity-pantsDIY Maternity pants

Anyone spotted the theme?

Yes! That's right....


Baby McKillop on the way! Due 19.10.12!

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