Friday, 12 July 2013

Big update...

Goodness, I was reminded today how long it had been since I last posted! SO much has been going on!

We've moved house, we've bought a new car, we've grown a baby, I've done some more sewing.... but only recently really, since going on maternity leave!

So these are my latest makes:

Not a sewing project, but a crafty one none-the-less. A rainbow picture for the baby's nursery. How therapeutic was this?!

Then I signed up for a stall at the Race for Life on Plymouth Hoe. Didn't have much more to make, just top up a bit of stock. Also dabbled in hair slides and lavender bags!
 This was my plan for the table...
 And on the day it was blowing a hooly, everything had to be weighted down or taped down, the table collapsed once and I made one sale - an £8 chalkboard! I took it all into work the next week and made almost £100 for the charities, and didn't have to stand in the rain and wind at 8 months pregnant with SPD and agonising back pain!
 Then maternity leave started and I could get on with the changing bag. It's the same pattern I used a while ago as posted on here, except I added stroller straps, a shoulder strap for Dan and laminated some cotton to make it wipeable. Quite pleased with it really!
 I didn't have enough of the fabric left to make the travel changing mat, so used some owl oilcloth and white towelling to do so! I HATE BIAS BINDING though! I just can't seem to grasp how to do it properly and the way I end up doing it is just such a faff!
 However, it came up ok!
I've also made the curtain for the nursery which is lined with a ready-made blackout curtain - so cute!

And I think that's it! I want to make one more changing mat for keeping downstairs in the lounge and then maybe some storage baskets for bits and bobs to match too. But otherwise, everything I need is done! Woohoo!

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