Friday, 28 October 2011

Final day of changing bag project.....

Well, it's been a project full of blood, sweat and tears, literally!

Blood: Pricked my fingers, arms and even my face on the multitude of pins sticking out from the edge of the bag! Ouch!

Sweat: It's hot sitting at that table, working hard, especially when the heating comes on! And the straighteners only added to the heat!

Tears: I have never had the thread break so many times in one project - ever! It was ridiculous! By the 'finishing touches', I was ready to give up and resign this to an incomplete pile - but it would be alone on that pile, as I've never not finished anything, no matter how frustrating! And I think I shed a tear of joy when I signed the label!

So, we got there in the end and it is indeed finished! Here are some finished shots

~The inside...

~ The top!

~ Was trying to pose with it but didn't work out so well!

I do love this bag and may have to make more in the future!

Total hours: About 8, I think
Cost: £58 plus labour (of love!)


  1. That is GORGEOUS! Brilliant. xx

  2. hi Sara, looking to make a nappy bag for my new grandchild (yeay!), using oil cloth for the outside, along with a matching changing mat. I came across the same pattern as you've used for this, so thanks for the but interested in your comments about the pointy corners etc. Thinking there might be a better one out there with a flat bottom. Have you come across a better pattern since? Gill


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