Thursday, 27 October 2011

Day 2 of the changing bag project...

Well it was all such fun and going swimmingly! Finished the second outside part and got to the stage where I needed to join the 2 sides to make the whole of the outside. Looking good!

Then I had to make the inside pockets with the elastic bits.

Another top tip here - instead of constantly jumping up to iron seams, use your Hair Straighteners! Work a treat and are totally portable to the sewing table! Was very excited to get the insides done and sew together, including T-junction seams at the bottom to make the box shape, by the time I went out for lunch!

So I returned from lunch thinking I'd nearly get it done.... but I realised I didn't like the pointy bottom corners on the outside bag part, which you can see in the picture below, so I decided to 'quickly' change them to T-junctions too. Easier said than done, because that meant sewing through a squillion layers of fabric and oilcloth, which my machine was incredibly reluctant to do, so kept breaking the thread and the needle once too! Think I must have re-threaded that needle about 100 times this afternoon!

Got there in the end but alas, it was now the ZIP stage! The problem with me, when I sew, is that I need to get my head around the practicalities of the process first, so I completely understand what I'm about to do and why! This was not the case with the zip part, so I just went with the flow and hey, it worked!

So I put all the pieces together, used a million pins and it's ready to be sewn together and finished completely tomorrow! It's looking great though and I'm really pleased with how well it's going, despite hours of frustration today! (Total time so far about 5 hours.)

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