Saturday, 20 August 2011

Window cushion...

I followed Cath Kidston's instructions for a floor cushion to make a window seat - whether it's for guests or just the dog is yet to be decided! It's not very neat and not very snug and I made my usual amount of mistakes, but there you go! 

Here is my version of the instructions!

You will need:
~ A 50x50x6cm cushion pad - or whatever size you need and just adjust your pattern!
~ Buttons x10
~ Matching thread
~ Sewing machine etc...


1. Cut out all the pieces.

2. Mark where you will want your buttons on the front of both main pieces.
Mark one centre and then 20cm towards each corner on the diagonal

3. Sew the long sides of the side parts onto the main part, initially with right sides facing. Make sure to leave a 1.5cm gap at each end (as in, don't sew right to each edge like I did and be careful not to sew over the other side! You'll see what I mean if you make the same mistake, which I'm sure you won't!)

4. Now sew the short ends together to make a box shape.

5. Snip the corners carefully!

6. Add the other main piece in the same way, sewing only along 3 of the edges.

7. Insert your pad.

8. Fold under 1.5cm on each long end and pin together and then slip stitch the 4th side once the pad is inside.

It literally took me 2/3 of the way along to realise how exactly slip stitching worked!

9. Now, you could leave it like that but I wanted to add the loops and buttons like Cath Kidston did. Each of your little 15cm strips will become a loop, with the joins in the middle under the buttons. It should look like this on  the top of the pad...

10. I can still not feel my fingers from sewing through the button, loops, the pad and another button on the reverse! You might need someone to help you squeeze the foam but I managed it with some brute force and a lot of sweat and tears! It wasn't that bad, but it's tricky aiming for the holes on the button while compressing the pad!

I found that 1 stitch to put the loops in place worked well, adding the bottom button in the process before coming back to the top to add the top button. Then I pulled it tight and tried to aim for the button holes while keeping it squished. Got there evenutally!

11. I did the 4 outside corners, then the centre last to take up the slack a little. This is it from the back.

 Et voila! The finished product. Took about 2 hours in total and I'm reasonably pleased with it.
  In situ...

And the dog claims it for her own already! Is she a cat or what?!

 Don't get it dirty, Fudge!


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