Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Clothing makes...

A paper-bag skirt make from cheap purple fabric that worked out just fab!

A stripy a-line skirt made from a thick cotton fabric. Messed up the waistband but looks okay with a top covering it!
A summer top made from georgette fabrics - this was a NIGHTMARE! Took 4 hours to badly cut the fabrics and a further million and a half hours to sew it all together! I did wear it on our holiday last week and it works! Nice fitting except for a very wonky hem and a slightly misaligned zip!

Hemmed the 2 layers using a zigzag stitch and then burning the rough ends to seal them. Worked really well actually except for a few spots of over-excited burning!


  1. This is brilliant! Love all the things you've made: keep having fun!

    (Can only comment as 'Anonymous', but it's Mum!! ;) xx)

  2. Nice! You've came up with a great idea that makes own clothing i suggest that make some recycle of a fabric.


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