Thursday, 21 February 2013

Curtains fixed... Part 1

Oh my goodness, what a boring post!

Our bedroom curtains had died a death really. The header tape threads were all snapped so they literally hung by a thread. The pole was bent. They were far too long which meant the dog always ended up sat on them which broke and bent everything further. Plus, they didn't meet in the middle so were pulled together with a hair clip!

So in our quest to better this place ready for renting it out, the curtains went on the list of jobs. A list that grows rather than shrinks apparently, but that's a different story!

Cut the header tape off, folded it down 3 inches or so, stitched on some eyelet header tape, cut the holes out, popped in the poppers, hung them up, fussed with them a fair bit, trimmed the now-too-long netting (don't judge me for having netting - we're overlooked and it's polka dots!!) and voila! 'New' curtains. Very easy and I'm quite impressed!

Making a pair from scratch for the newly decorated spare room today though - wish me luck!!

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