Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Who's been a busy bee then?!

Me! That's who!

Despite working on my mum's machine, which seems to hate me and fall apart and break the thread and generally do stupid things every 2 minutes, I finally finished the 4 bags I was aiming to get done today. Nearly only managed 3 but the last one, the stars one, only took 20 mins so that was dead easy! The others are the ones I will put crayons into, as per the blue one at the bottom. The pockets and individual crayon slots for these ones take ages, hence the slow speed! Getting them out of the way then I go back to quick makes!

Have a VERY long list of makes to get done in the next 3 weeks so need to do more than 4 a day, but hopefully I've got this machine sussed now!

Also made some purses the other day which are quite cute and take, ooh, 5 minutes to do if that...

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